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Posted:  02 Oct 2016 22:13
Hi Roel

I am getting the following msg : "Notice: Undefined index: snm in ....... /luxcal/common/toolbox.php on line 179"
when sending a email from the create Event dialogbox.  (both phpmail or smtp)

Not a big issue, just a nuisance -
any hints (using latest and greatest 4.5.0, sqlite) ?

Thanks a lot for a great program - easy to use and integrate !!! thump_up


Posted:  03 Oct 2016 21:07   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Michael,

Thank you for reporting this problem. You've found a bug in the calendar (which was introduced when adding subcategories)!
If you edit the file "pages/events.php" and replace line 382 . . .

$evtArr = array ('cnm' => $cat['cnm'], 'ven' => $ven, 'des' => $tx1Html, 'xf1' => $tx2Html, 'xf2' => $tx3Html, 'att' => $att); //Html: with hyperlinks

by . . .

$evtArr = array ('cnm' => $cat['cnm'], 'snm' => $cat['sub'][($sid-1)][0], 'ven' => $ven, 'des' => $tx1Html, 'xf1' => $tx2Html, 'xf2' => $tx3Html, 'att' => $att); //Html: with hyperlinks

(In other words add: , 'snm' => $cat['sub'][($sid-1)][0] to the array.)
then the problem should be solved.

Thanks again,
Posted:  18 Nov 2016 13:13
Hi Roel,

Same issue here.
When I change line 382 en events.php to your suggested syntax, I get an error in event.php line 56:
<head>n<title>{$set['calendarTitle']} {$xx['evt_mailer']}</title>

In fact, both an already present activity, or trying to create a new one gives me a page with that error, not the expected index.php with the content:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'Content' (T_STRING) in .....///pages/event.php on line 56

Erik (devjof)
Posted:  21 Nov 2016 00:00   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Erik,

This is very strange. For two reasons:
1. Line 56 has nothing to do with line 382, which I suggest to change.
2. There is nothing wrong with the line 56 you included in your post.

Maybe you could email me your event.php file so that I can try to reproduce the problem in my test calendar.
Regards, Roel