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Posted:  26 Sep 2016 21:53
I'm looking to strip the email notification so it doesn't show "Changed event" it also seems to show the Cal name multiple times.  I'm trying to send this as a text and I need fewer characters to get my point across as the text size seems limited by my carrier/phone.  I've ripped notify.php many ways but no luck for me.
Posted:  27 Sep 2016 22:49   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,

From your post it's not quite clear which email message you are referring to. An email notification doesn't contain the text "Changed event". "Changed event" is part of the Summary report send to the calendar email address.
Tell me which email message you want to shorten, and I will tell you where to find it. (Maybe you want to shorten all kind of email messages).
Posted:  27 Sep 2016 22:56
The one to notify of a new or updated event, sorry.  I should note this is the best I've found for many uses just need a little help on this.

Send mail: now and/or
Posted:  28 Sep 2016 10:06   Last Edited By: Roel B.
For "Send mail now" the actual email message is created in the file pages/events.php lines 55 - 74.
For "Send mail x days before event" the email message is created in the file notify.php lines 44 - 63.
Unfortunately at two different places (maybe I should combine that in the next LuxCal version).

The message is produced in HTML format, using a <table>-structure. the texts $ax['xyz'] and $xx['xyz'] are coming from the language files ui-english.php and ai-english.php respectively. The event details are coming from {$evtText}, which is produced by the function "makeE", which is called 2 lines above (lines 42 and 53 resp.).

If you want to shorten the email text because you want to use a mail2sms service, then please note the following:
- The next LuxCal version will have a new feature with the possibility to use a mail2sms service.
- For an SMS message all HTML code should be stripped. Send me an email (via Contact Us) with the exact message content and layout you want, and I will send you the code (which you can then of course refine).

Posted:  28 Sep 2016 19:30
That info did the trick, thanks Roel, great work...