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Posted:  26 Sep 2016 15:57
I use the calendar in our service dept.  it seems to be doing the job ok...  but the users are constantly having to log back in.  is there a way to change the default time a users stay logged in?
Posted:  27 Sep 2016 22:35
Hi there,
When, while logging in, a user checks the "remember me" check box, he/she will be remembered for 30 days (by default). On the admins Settings page, under User Accounts, you can increase this number of days with the "'Remember me' cookie expiry days" setting (the last one in this group).
Posted:  27 Sep 2016 23:22
hello learjet

If the time is not according to the "remember me" settings then :

It could be that an antivirus program removes the cookies and that it is why the user isn't remembered.

kind regards
Posted:  28 Sep 2016 15:14   Last Edited By: learjet3204
the remember me does not work.  They are having to login after like 30 mins sometimes less.
Posted:  28 Sep 2016 17:35
Hello Learjet

I'm sure the "remember me" works.
If the users don't close the calendar, there should be no need to login, but there must be a reason why Your users closes it.
I am pretty sure, the "remember" does not function, because : either Your browser are set to remove cookies, or You have a program that removes cookies.
The calendar uses cookies to "remember" Your login.
I myself have an antivirus software that scans for cookies and tracking cookies and removes them. The removal of my cookies happens within 5 - 30 minutes.

If it is Your browser You can probably configure Your browser to not remove certain cookies.

I think this is a "problem" I/we should discuss with Roel.
Kind regards
Posted:  29 Sep 2016 20:08
if they just leave the calendar up...  yes it is fine
but they have to refresh it quite frequently becaue managers update it every 15 mins or so.
so when they hit the refresh they get prompted to login.  even with the remember me they have to start typing for it to populate.
y is it logging them out to start with...
Posted:  30 Sep 2016 09:27
Hi there,

Which LuxCal version are you using?

Are you running the calendar on an internal network, or could you send me the URL of your calendar, so that I can have a thorough look myself?

If users have to log in every 5 - 30 minutes, there must be something going on somewhere.

If the users are very annoyed, you could as a temporary measure (until we find a solution) put the Public User in a user group with View rights (or, if required, Post rights). But then of course nobody has to log in and the calendar is not protected.