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Posted:  08 Sep 2016 15:59
I have a client that has an auto repair business. I was thinking they might be able to use the booking feature for certain jobs such as oil changes, brake work etc.

I'll start with a simple oil change. For that the time periode will be 30 minutes since that is about how long it takes so it isn't open ended. Can the time for the event be set to 30 minutes?

Now I have created the event which of course needs to be approved by the mechanic. How soon after I book the oil change does the mechanic get notified that I have created the event to book my oil change for 10:30 on Wednesday September 14th?

Now that the mechanic has approved my event for my oil change do I get an email letting me know my appointment time and date has been approved for 10:30 on Wednesday September 14th?

I am asking because a hair salon could also use the booking feature to book appointments. A haircut for example might be 30 minutes and a colour could be 90 minutes while a shampoo and set might be 60 minutes. For each of these you would want the time defined not the customer entering the time they think it will take.

"Little Guy"
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Posted:  08 Sep 2016 16:36
Hello Dan

On the category You can set a default period. This period could be 30 min.
When You create an event, then You only have to specify the start time, and the system then sets the end time 30 min. later than that.

How soon do I get a notification ? - If I am right, You will get the notification when the cronjob is run. I honestly thought that is was possible to set up that a mail should be sent when an event is created, but I think it is not. But of course the mechanic can see it in the "events to be approved" list. I think it would be an idea, that You on a user-group, could have a checkfield : Send mail when a user belonging to this group creates ( or alters ) / saves an event. Then You could have all selfregistrants belonging to a usergroup "customers" and have the field checked for this group.
Then the mechanic will have a mail immediately.

When the mechanic approves the event, he will only have to check the "send mail now" field, and then a mail will be sent to the one who has created the event.

For Your hair saloon, You could have a category for a haircut and set the default time for this to 30 min.
Another category for the coloring, and a time of 90 min. for this and so on.

I have earlier asked Roel for an option in connection with the timeslot. This option should be : time slot mandatory ? ___
Then the user sets the start time and the system sets the end time automatically according to the timeslot ( as today ).
Then the user can alter the end time, but when the mandatory field is checked, then the system will report an error when the user tries to create or update the event if the end time is not according to the timeslot.

Kind regards
Posted:  08 Sep 2016 16:52
Hello again Dan

Unfortunately the booking-overlap-function only functions per category.
I don't have a solution for that.

This way a coloring and a haircut could overlap without the system reacts on that.

Only suggestion I have is that You could have a timeslot for the new subcategory. Then You could have up to four different treatments available and still have the overlap checking.
But here we have to ask Roel if this is a silly idea.
For each subcategory a timeslot and a field mandatory on the category.
The mandatory / not mandatory will be for all subcategories.
But a timeslot for each subcategory.

Maybe Roel has a better idea.

Kind regards
Posted:  08 Sep 2016 23:42   Last Edited By: Danwestlake
Hello John,

After posting, I should have done it before, I noticed in the category you could set the default time periode.

The mechanic or hair stylist may not have time to check to see what events need to be approved if there aren't that many initially. They could check numerous times to find there aren't any. I know it only takes a minute but when you are busy it is hard to remember your job is to empty the swamp when you are up to your butt in alligators.

With the hair salon since there are a few people I'm going to see if there is a simple way to pick the category plus the hair stylist. The only way I can think of to solve that would be nine categories, three for each of the three stylists.

When I get some time I'm going to play with it a little. I loved your demo with booking a table for the restaurant. I wonder how easy it was to do and if it is mobile friendly?

For notifications since cell / smart phones are so widely used it would be nice if a sms text message could be sent. Two likely issues with that are 1. you need some sort of gateway to send them. Two you need the cell phone number(s). Email requires a person to check their email or have it set to check every few minutes. Texts are immediately sent to the user.

"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

Find great LuxCal examples by Schwartz at
Posted:  09 Sep 2016 10:50
Hello Dan

I love Your addendum to "Little Guy"

My booking-table demo is mobile friendly as it is responsive/adaptive. It is not so mobile friendly as I have put it in an iframe, but it could also be a standalone page. ( I suppose You mean the moving of the tables ? )
It should be possible to make the same in Googles free web-designer, but I had problems with the global variables in the java scripts, so I made it in WebAnimator Plus ( which is not free ).

You are right about the mobile numbers.
There are gateways that offers mail to SMS services. Some of these are even free, but then You also have to know the provider for the number.

Kind regards