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Posted:  31 Aug 2016 09:50   Last Edited By: Gork
Sorry for the silly question - I probably missed something obvious.  But where, in the latest version 450(M), is the current installed version number displayed?  It used to be in the help window but I don't see it there anymore.
Posted:  31 Aug 2016 12:13
Hello Gork

In the top of settings

There is no silly questions - but sometimes there are silly answers smile

Kind regards
Posted:  01 Sep 2016 03:00   Last Edited By: Gork
I TOTALLY looked there, figuring it was a logical place to do so, but didn't see it.  I looked in the header area instead of the settings area of the page and completely missed it.  Ugh.  Thank you!

I like the new location for the info better.  :)