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Posted:  25 Aug 2016 02:08
Where can I find information on updating the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) file? Would like to modify the look and feel of the default installation.
Posted:  25 Aug 2016 13:51
Hi there,

There is no real documentation on updating the calendar's styles sheet. To tailor the look and feel of the calendar, you should edit the file css/lctheme.php file. This file gives some further details and is rather self-explanatory.

For the next LuxCal version we have foreseen a complete overhaul of the calendar styles. There will be a separate administrator's Styles page where the user interface can be tailored and the styles will be saved in a database table.

Posted:  25 Aug 2016 20:01
Hi Roel,

That will be a great feature making changes and upgrades much easier. For some the default colour scheme is just fine the way it is. For those that do make changes they have to change the lctheme.php on each upgrade since the upgrade instructions have you delete the current files and upload the new ones.

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