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Posted:  23 Aug 2016 18:33   Last Edited By: ottmom
If I add an event on August 31 with "repeat every 1 month", it only gets added to the months having 31 days! September has 30 days only - it does not appear. October has 31 days, it correctly appears.

Could either:
Add logic to treat that combination as if it's the 'last day of each month' (30 or 31 (28 or 29 if Feb) + repeat every 1 month)
Or add another Repeat option like:

(o) Repeat every [1st] of each month
                 [15th and last day] 
                  [last day] 
Posted:  23 Aug 2016 18:51
This additional option may possibly helpful to others also for business purposes for mid-month and month-end tasks:
Repeat every [Mon/Tue/Wed/Th/Fri/last workday] just prior to or on the 15th
Repeat every [Mon/Tue/Wed/Th/Fri/last workday] just prior to or on the last day of the month

Could be tricky to program, but I suspect that someone had already done some PHP classes that handle business dates (including common holidays) just like Perl modules????
Posted:  23 Aug 2016 19:01
Since for this instance it doesn't matter if I do my task a day before month end, for now I have set my event instead to the 30th "every 1 month" and added a second entry to "Feb 28th" "every 1 year"
Posted:  24 Aug 2016 14:40   Last Edited By: Roel B.
It could be very tricky I think too.
The question is : will it be used ?

I see a point in the option :
Repeat every (last)/(first)- [Mon/Tue/Wed/Th/Fri/saturday/sunday/day/workday] just prior to or on the last/first day of the month.

Here the option "workday" will be the only new option - but maybe it could be a challenge to Roel to program.

This could be used when You have some payments to pay or to receive.
Here the last workday of the month, will also be the latest possible bank-day.

Kind regards
Posted:  24 Aug 2016 15:26   Last Edited By: Roel B.
By the way -

I would NOT say that when You repeat the 31. every month, that it is a bug that the system actually do this, only when the 31. is in the month.
I think that what You report as a bug, is what the eventually new option "day"/ "Workday" should handle.

Kind regards
Posted:  01 Sep 2016 12:06
It could be useful with the last/first day.

- First day would always be the 1.
- last day could be 28, 29, 30 or 31 - last day of the month according to the calendar.

last/first workday :
- first day would be the 1. unless it is Sunday or Saturday - so it could be 1, 2, or 3.
- last day would be the last day of the month unless it is Sunday or Saturday.
AND what about holidays. Then You have to specify a category ( to test on )  for holiday and when a such category/day is present, the system will have to test and eventually move one day forward or backward and test again.
It could be done, but it could be tricky.

I would think that the last/first day would be relevant.
I also think that the workday could maybe be relevant for eventual new users, but what about the existing users ?
Does anyone have (had)  a need for such function ?

I think this could be relevant for Roel to know, if he should consider such a function.

Kind regards
Posted:  02 Sep 2016 16:37
Regarding the last workday of the month. That may or may not be a Friday. Some businesses are open seven days a week so there might be a Saturday or Sunday in there as well. You might also have a holiday in there which means they are closed. If you are only dealing with one set of holidays say for Canada that might not be a big deal. Add in different holidays for different countries / cultures and you could be creating a different problem.

As John pointed out.


- First day would always be the 1.
- last day could be 28, 29, 30 or 31 - last day of the month according to the calendar.

I can see the last day of the month being the last day i.e. the months that have 30, 31 or 28 days like Feb. In bookkeeping the end of the month / quarter etc isn't affected by the day of the week. By that I mean Quarterly is Mar 31, Jun 30, Sep 30 and Dec 31. Semi-Annual is Jun 30 and Dec 31.

As John has also pointed out, it is a question of is the function needed? When entering an event I can copy it to a new event very easily or as ottmom pointed out they can manually make a separate event for the date needed. If there is a need then Roel can look at the difficulty on implementing it. If it isn't needed it can also become confusing to the user of what do they need to enter when creating an event.

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