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Posted:  19 Aug 2016 22:37   Last Edited By: Roel B.
This new LuxCal version 4.5 is a major new release with many new features, improvements and bug fixes. There is a new matrix view where each row is a calendar user, categories can now have up to four subcategories, for each user group the categories that can be viewed and added/edited can be selected separately, new context-sensitive help pages, MySQL incompatibilities solved, better color picker, and many, many more . . .

Changes/Improvements since LuxCal version 4.4.0
• Matrix view has now two versions: rows with event categories and rows with event users. A button has been added to each of the versions, to easily switch between both versions.
• New settings have been introduced on the administrator's settings page, under Navigation Bar. The following can now be specified for public and logged in users separately: 1) the available calendar views, 2) the view buttons to be displayed on the navigation bar and 3) the default calendar view on start-up.
• A new setting has been added to the administrator's Settings page, under Events, to check the 'All day' checkbox in the Event window by default when adding new events.
• Changes to the administrator's category page:
- for each event category a symbol can be specified. When specified, this symbol will replace the mini-square in Year view and Matrix view.
- per event category four subcategories can be specified, with their own text and background color. When specified, the Event edit window will show an additional drop down menu from which the user can select a subcategory. Events for which a subcategory has been selected will be shown in the colors of the subcategory. When Day color has been selected on the categories page, the full day will be shown in the subcategory colors.
- there are now two Day color check boxes for each category, one for year and matrix view (mini-squares) and another for month, week and day view (event titles).
- for each event category an URL link can be specified. If defined, this link will be shown in the matrix (C) view in the left hand column just below the category name.
• On the administration pages the LuxCal color picker has been replaced by the more sophisticated jscolor picker.
• When adding/editing user groups, the administrator can specify for the users of this group both separately the categories that can be viewed and the categories that can be added/edited.
• In case of multiple calendars, option panel parameters (current page, groups, users, categories and language) and other calendar dependent parameters are now kept per individual calendar.
• Attachments can now also be opened in the Event Add/Edit window. The way attachments are removed has changed to a separate remove button (X) in front of the attachment name. The text "Click to open" has been added as hover title for attachment hyperlinks.
• Context-sensitive help files have been introduced. An initial set of pages, enclosed in the new calendar version, can be used and tailored by the administrator. A special section on creating context-sensitive help has been added to the installation guide.
• When an event is added or edited and at the end the event is saved and the main calendar view is refreshed, to reflect the change, the scrolling of the main calendar will now remain unchanged.
• Help button added to the Log-In page. With context-sensitive help a Help button on the Log-In page will be useful.
• The ToDo sidebar, which can be opened from the navigation bar, now only shows events with check boxes that have not been checked, on other words: that are not done yet.
• The function to import CSV-files does now also accept the tab-character as field separator. HTML-tags, except <a>, <b>, <i>, <u>, <s>, <br> and <img>, are removed from the description field.
• When importing iCal files, if the iCalendar file to be imported contains time zone information and the file contains events in a different time zone, the admin can now choose in the iCal file import form to apply time zone adjustments for event dates and times.
• If in Month view images are displayed in the day cells, then the mouseover effect will now apply to both the event title and the image.
• A new value of the calendar URL 'hdr' parameter has been introduced. If hdr=-1 is added to the calendar URL, the calendar header will be suppressed, but the navigation links in the various view remain enabled.
• When a category filter has been set to show only one event category in the calendar views, then when adding a new event, in the Event window the event category will be preset to the active category.

Technical issues
• Complete overhaul, clean up and simplification of the index.php script. Session and cookie system completely revised.
• To hide the visible URL parameters, when navigating the calendar, all GET parameters have been transformed into POST parameters.
• When logging in with a new password, the new password is kept and the previous password is deleted. For security reasons it's better not to keep two passwords.
• A new section has been added to the installation guide explaining how to switch from a MySQL to a SQLite database or vice versa.
• To the downloadable upcoming events text file, the calendar title has been added. Furthermore possible HTML <br>-tags in the event description are now replaced by a 'new line' character
• During the installation of a calendar, the character set and collation of the database are set to utf-8 and utf8_unicode_ci respectively. (MySQL only)
• The filtering on event categories that may be viewed by the current user (user's categories plus categories of public user) has been reviewed and simplified.
• The event report is now called directly from the index page and not anymore from the event.php file. Code simplification.
• Regex to validate URL links in the description fields improved. Links with an IP-address (e.g. were not detected.
• When logged in and a filter was activated in the options panel, and the user logged out, the filter remained active. This could be confusing if thereafter the same computer was used by a public user.
• For all check boxes and radio buttons "checked='checked'" replaced by "checked" and for all drop-down menus "selected='selected'" replaced by "selected". This is the HTML5 standard which is supported by all modern browsers.
• The HTML code of events in the day cells has been simplified.
• On the settings page under Mini Calendar and under Stand-Alone Sidebar, blank hover box event fields were not accepted, which should be allowed.
• When during the import process a "back" button was pressed, the selected parameter values entered on the start page were not retained. Solved.

Bug fixes
• When the cron service runs locally, $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] is empty and consequently cannot be logged. Solved.
• It was not possible to remove attachments with a file extension of more than 3 characters (for instance 'webm'). Solved.
• On the settings page, form validation errors on the second half of the page, were not aligned with the erroneous fields. Bug solved.
• Category filter not working for Todo list. The Todo list always showed events in all categories, irrespective of the category selection in the options panel. Solved.
• Bug solved in the error logging function when trying to send SMTP mails. When calling the logMessage function, argument #3 was missing.
• In the SMTP test script, when initiating the SMTP conversation, a syntax error in the argument with the client domain name, sometimes caused the SMTP servers to reject the EHLO command (argument "domain name" invalid). The EHLO domain name argument should be in the following simple format: (no "http://" and no trailing "/").
• When importing .sql files of a previous LuxCal version, the program should take into account that the groups table may be missing in the .sql files of previous LuxCal versions.
• When upgrading from older LuxCal version, like V2.7.2, it was assumed that the database table prefix string was never empty. This assumption is incorrect; the database table prefix can be empty and could lead to an error when upgrading from v2.7.2. Solved.
• When importing an iCal file, the validation of dates in the import form added and the problem with 'as of' date on the start page fixed.
• When creating the database tables, for text fields no default values are specified anymore. For some mysterious reason some MySQL installations do not allow default values for text fields.
• In the upgrade function the processing of the date/time added and date/time last edited went wrong for the LuxCal MySQL version. To concatenate strings MySQL uses "CONCAT" and SQLite uses "||".
• When opening multi-day events ending in the next month, the edit window opened without asking "edit the series or this occurrence". Solved.
• When on the settings page "Show event details to all users" was disabled or set to logged in, in the mini calendar event details were still displayed. This has been corrected.
• When creating additional calendars, the function to create the database tables always first deleted a table, if it existed, and then (re)created it. When creating new databases via the installxxx.php script, this had as side effect that the tables of already existing calendars were deleted and recreated, resulting in the loss of existing data.
Posted:  20 Aug 2016 15:04

Thank you for that.

Do you know if the "Scrolling not working, Firefox 48 mobile Android" will be fixed ? smile
Posted:  20 Aug 2016 22:09   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,

Although I'm not a mobile device expert, I've done my utmost to solve the scrolling problem.
I've tested the new version on my Android phone with Firefox 49 Beta and it works fine.

You can try it yourself here
Posted:  21 Aug 2016 10:13
Hi Roel,

I tried your own luxcal and it works well with Firefox 48 mobile, thanks ;)

There is only one visual bug (not blocking bug) : the design is a little bit broken at the top where we read "August 2016 - October 2016" because there are more buttons and my Smartphone have a small screen (Samsung Galaxy Ace 3).
If a turn my Smartphone (Android device) into landscape mode, no problem.
Posted:  21 Aug 2016 11:26
Hi there,

Yes, correct. That's because for the demo calendar I've selected 4 view buttons. If you would install the calendar, you should maybe select no, or only 2 , view buttons, which would solve this problem.
Posted:  21 Aug 2016 15:25
Perfect, thank you for the workaround ;)

Have a nice day,
Posted:  31 Aug 2016 10:03
So many goodies, thank you very, very much!

Will install tomorrow or during the weekend, depending on other issues.