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Posted:  04 Aug 2016 14:07
Just a heads up if you are using GoDaddy linux hosting, starting about July 19th, 2016 cron jobs stopped working.  This means Luxcal’s overnight cron job that creates a change report and emails it to select individuals you have in your settings is temporary not happening..

GoDaddy is aware of the problem and working on it.   

Posted:  04 Aug 2016 16:22
Thanks Jim,

It actually surprises me. I thought in the past several GaDaddy users said that GoDaddy didn't offer any cron service and that they had to use an external cron server. Maybe, and hopefully, I'm wrong.

Posted:  04 Aug 2016 20:04
At least for my plan GoDaddy does offer a cron service, limited to a certain number of jobs. I assume they do for all hosting plans but perhaps not.

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Posted:  10 Aug 2016 15:39
Cron job are only on Linux servers
I had a Windows server when I first started and switched to a Linux Plan to get the cron job feature and several other things and it was cheaper.  Been on Linux for probably 4 years now.

Posted:  10 Aug 2016 21:18
I've had Linux hosting with GoDaddy since I started with them in 2010.

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Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

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Posted:  11 Aug 2016 02:45
The test cron job they put on the server runs but the Luxcal one doesn't and it hasn't changed in 2 years, any ideas on what might be causing this?

The test job runs hourly.

The only difference is that it is in the root directory and Luxcal's is in a sub directory with the rest of Luxcal

Posted:  11 Aug 2016 17:53   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi JIm,

To test if the cron job mechanism is working in the calendar directory and if the PHP mail sending feature has not been blocked on your server, you could . . .
- paste the following script in a file
- change the recipient mail address to your mail address
- upload the file to the calendar root directory
- and create a cron job to start this script


$datetime = date("Y-m-d H:i");
$to = "you@yyyyyy.xx"; //recipient email address
$subject = "Test message - triggered by cron";
$message = "Hello, this email was triggered by the testcron.php script. The cron job ran at {$datetime}";
if (mail($to, $subject, $message)) {
    file_put_contents ('./testcron.log',"{$datetime}: Test cron run - PHP mail successfuln",FILE_APPEND);
} else {
    file_put_contents ('./testcron.log',"{$datetime}: Test cron run - PHP mail failedn",FILE_APPEND);

Every time the script is run, it will send you an email and add a result line to a file called "testcron.log" in te same directory.

Posted:  11 Aug 2016 21:05   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Solved - user error (me).  Somehow I accidentally changed the password in the settings file. Seems there were two problems, the system wide GoDaddy cron job one and the user induced password problem. 

Ran a script Roel sent me back in December called SMTPtest.php which uses the LuxCal settings file to send a test email and gives a very detailed status report which indicated the password was incorrect.  Corrected the PW and all is well.

Suggestion - On the Administration screen have a drop down box which has a display error log.  The normal Linux cron job error message won't happen because as far as its concerned the cron job ran.  In this log would be any errors LuxCal encounters.  Sending an email won't work because that might be the problem.