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Posted:  03 Aug 2016 17:57
Another problem I am stuck with.
When I click the check mark box to mark an event as done no mark shows in the box and the event is still in the todo list.
I have tried in Firefox and safari browsers.
Any help please.
Regards, Kenneth.
Posted:  05 Aug 2016 12:59   Last Edited By: Roel B.
I can edit the entry no problem but the check box does nothing.

Another problem is the cron - I get these errors
PHP Notice:  Undefined index: REMOTE_ADDR in /var/www/httpsdocs/luxcal/lcalcron.php on line 127
PHP Warning:  Missing argument 3 for logMessage(), called in /var/www/httpsdocs/luxcal/common/toolbox.php on line 473 and defined in /var/www/httpsdocs/luxcal/common/toolbox.php on line 311
PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: newMsg in /var/www/httpsdocs/luxcal/common/toolbox.php on line 314
PHP Warning:  Missing argument 3 for logMessage(), called in /var/www/httpsdocs/luxcal/common/toolbox.php on line 473 and defined in /var/www/httpsdocs/luxcal/common/toolbox.php on line 31
PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: newMsg in /var/www/httpsdocs/luxcal/common/toolbox.php on line 314

Thanks for getting back to me, Kenneth.
Posted:  08 Aug 2016 09:49   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Kenneth,

The error message is really strange. (The last four messages don't count; they are caused by the REMOTE_ADDR problem).
But the "undefined index REMOTE_ADDR" should not happen. It is caused by the variable $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], which is a normal PHP variable.
Could you paste the three lines of code below in a file, upload the file to the calendar root directory on your server and then launch this file with your browser.  It should display something like "Server IP address:


echo "Server IP address: ".$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];

Are you running your own server?
What LuxCal version are you using?
Please let me know the outcome.
Posted:  08 Aug 2016 10:45
Hi Roel thanks for getting back to me.
the output from that file is Server IP address:
I am running a VPS, Centos
Calendar version - Database: 4.4.0M - mycal
Calendar url
The error messages I have now sorted, it was a wrong SMTP password
After looking at the data base I take it that when you click on the checkbox it will put the value -1 in the status field which is not happening, is my assumption correct.
Thanks again for taking the time to look at this for me, Kenneth.
Posted:  08 Aug 2016 12:04   Last Edited By: Roel B.
No, your assumption is not correct.
The status field is used to earmark an event as "deleted".
When your cursor becomes a hand when you hover the checkbox, which means you have "rights" to check it, and you check the checkbox, then in the events table of the database a semicolon followed by the date will be stored in the field "checked" (e.g. ;2016-08-20).

Posted:  08 Aug 2016 12:57   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Can you tell me what file I should be checking for this error.
All that I altered was the header bar to show the system user name and replaced the date in the header with the text Calendar.
Regards, Kenneth.
Posted:  08 Aug 2016 17:11   Last Edited By: Roel B.

Just to be sure there is a problem: when you hover the checkbox, does your cursor change into a hand? If not you haven't the proper rights (you must be the owner of the event or have at least manager rights).

If your cursor changes into a hand and you click the checkbox, then the checkE function in the file common/toolbox.js is called. This is an ajax function (JavaScript) which sends a request to the server side file common/checkevt.php, which in its turn will add or remove (check or uncheck) the event date to or from the "checked" field in the event table of the database. This php script will return the result ("0": error, check mark: checked or ballot box: unchecked) to the client-side ajax function, which will update the display (InnerHTML).
Posted:  10 Aug 2016 12:07
Hi Roel
I am completely lost with this.
If I enter ;2016-08-20 manually into the Checked field in the database on an event still nothing shows in the checkbox.
My calendar is on a centos VPS and the computer I use to access it is a Mac using either safari or firefox.
My next step is to get hold of a windows computer and try then.
I will let you know what I discover.
In the meantime I have created a completed Category with a different colour for completed events.
Thanks for all your help so far, Kenneth.
Posted:  13 Aug 2016 09:19   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Kenneth,

You have for instance an event with check box on 28/08 (Ray Trainer) and 02/09 (KM Hospital), so to get the check box checked, you should enter the date of the event, so ;2016-08-28, or ;2016-09-02, or ;2016-08-28;2016-09-02, into the checked field of the events table in the database. You probably did this.
If you want me to test from my windows computer, you should create a temporary user account with admin rights for me in your calendar and send me the un and pw. If you want me to analyse the whole check box problem, I would also need FTP access to your server (url, un and pw). But maybe you don't want a "stranger" to be hacking around on your server wink
Posted:  20 Aug 2016 13:33
Hi Roel can you please confirm if you have received my email giving you access to ftp that I sent on wednesday.
Regards, Kenneth.
Posted:  21 Aug 2016 09:23
Hi Kenneth,
I cannot only confirm I received your email, but I can also confirm I solved your problem smile
I've send you a mail yesterday.