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Posted:  02 Aug 2016 09:12   Last Edited By: Roel B.
A new button "LuxCal Examples" has been added to the main menu of the LuxSoft website, which will take you to a very interesting website, which has been produced and is maintained by John Schwartz.
On John's website you will find all kinds of documentation and information related to the LuxCal calendar and some very nice real-life examples of how the LuxCal calendar can be used and can be integrated in your applications.
It is a place to go for new and existing users. New users will get a good impression of the calendar features and possibilities and existing users will be inspired by the excellent real-life examples put together by John and will find detailed descriptions and explanations of most calendar features.
It is John's intention to keep his site up to date when new LuxCal versions are released and to produce more detailed real-life examples in the future.

If there is enough interest, John will add a blog to his site, where LuxCal users can exchange views with John and other users, can discuss how to get the best out of the calendar, and can share tips, tricks and good ideas.

If you want to visit John's website directly, you can use the following URL: