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Posted:  27 Jul 2016 14:38
***   To whom it may concern   ***

I have brought the fansite alive again.
This time I will focus on giving detailed documentation for the calendar, and example sites to show some of the ways the calendar can be used.
I still hope the site can be of use for potential new users and for existing users.

If someone has experience in cottage renting or restaurants, and find something in my examples that is not "correct" then please let me know - either here in this forum, or by sending me a mail via the contact form on the fansite.

Kind regards

Posted:  27 Jul 2016 21:01
Hey John,

Glad to see you are back. I really like the job you did on the restaurant website for booking tables.

I couldn't quite find how to book a cottage.

I'm thinking that perhaps by your example for booking tables a garage / service centre could use LuxCal to book automotive services like an oil change or brake work. The owner could have defined categories for certain jobs and average time to do the work.

"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

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