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Posted:  12 Jul 2016 20:46

I would have liked a query to select dates, times, events and pictures for both week and month,
because I want to create a custom template
..$result = mysql_query('SELECT ...

Thanks for help.
Posted:  14 Jul 2016 12:13   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Frans,

If you tell me in detail what query (or queries) you need, I can create the query for you.
Are you familiar with SQL queries (SELECTSs, JOINs, WHEREs, etc.)?
Please note that pictures are not stored in the database (they are stored in the thumbnails folder) and consequently cannot be selected via an SQL query.
Posted:  14 Jul 2016 14:48   Last Edited By: Frans
Hi Roel,

I make the calendar as a list , see image (need for monht and week.

I customize the file view/month.php but this file is it posible to make a simpler file so i can customize my own Html and CSS.

Or make my own page (output) for show the calendar , but need the right querys,

Posted:  16 Jul 2016 19:52   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Frans,

If you want a list, why don't you modify the views/upcoming.php file?
First strip off everything you don't need and then modify the remaining code to suite your needs.

If you want a new view, let me know and I will tell you how to add a new view.

Need any help?
Posted:  24 Jul 2016 17:40
Hi Roel

Thanks for comment.

A new view is fine i think, so tell me...

Posted:  25 Jul 2016 21:54
Hi Frans,
Please tell me what LuxCal version you are using and it would be easier if you would send me your email address (via the Contact Us page)