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Posted:  04 Jul 2016 06:59
Hi Roel
Once again my hosting company have contrived to corrupt my databasesso I figured the answer wouldbe using the SQLite version.

So having filled in the fields and passed the test:

When I press install I get this:

Tests failed:

    Database services - Problem connecting to database
    Check your database credentials/permissions

Correct/solve the errors/failures and test again.

My understanding is that the database file will be installed locally so I wonder why there's a problem connecting to the database which hasn't yet been created?

Hope you can help
The Middle Marches Benefice
The villages of Bedstone & Bucknell
Posted:  04 Jul 2016 09:30   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Graham,

You said "I figured the answer would be using the SQLite version" and I agree. The SQlite database is stored locally in a file you can copy, move, backup, delete, etc. So much easier to manage or just to backup, try out something and restore.

However, in the screenshot you posted above, you are installing the MySQL version ?! ohmy
If you want to install the SQLite version, you need to download the LuxCal version 4.4.0L.

Don't throw away your LuxCal MySQL code; I remember some changes I made for you and if you need help to copy these changes to the SQLite version, I may need your MySQL code smile

Kind regards,
Posted:  04 Jul 2016 10:05
Hi Roel

Thanks my friend.  I'm such a numpty.  I had experimented using the MySQL version, and what with one thing and another I inadvertantely uploaded the wrong files.  Of course, now it all works.  I must confess that thinking I was using the SQLite version and reading the full version installation guide DID cause me some confusion.

It's an age thing I believe.

Best wishes and thanks for such a quick reply.
The Middle Marches Benefice
The villages of Bedstone & Bucknell