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Posted:  03 Jul 2016 14:34
Hi there,

Perhaps I am just being dumb - I've upgraded to the new calendar (which is great, and the upgrade was seamless, many thanks!)

Tried out the file upload (once I found out that the migration leaves the 'file upload' user permissions unchecked) and can see the event attachments.
The only thing I do not understand - how to you view them!? I see how to remove, in the event window, and I see the file name when hover over but no link to open etc?

Many thanks for your help in advance :)
Posted:  04 Jul 2016 13:06
Hi there,

When you upload an attachment in the Event Add/Edit window, then after pressing the Add /Save button, the attachment's name will become visible in the Event Add / Edit window (with the cross in front to delete the attachment, if needed). Now clicking on the attachment's name should open it in a new window.
Now when you are logged out of the calendar and have no edit rights, and select an event (with one or more attachments) the Event Report window will open with all event details; In this window, when clicking on an attachment name, it should open in a new window.

If this doesn't solve your problem, could you send me the URL of your calendar, with a temporary user account with post access, so that I can have a look.