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Posted:  30 Jun 2016 19:12

I am trying to increase the font size of the event titles when I display the Day View calendar.  Could somebody tell me where I can find that in either the CSS.php or the LCTHEME.php. 

I've tried changing the 'FONTS' setting in the LCTHEME.php file, but that had no effect on the font size.

Posted:  01 Jul 2016 09:31   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi John,

In the file css/lc_theme.php you should change the base font on line 60 (define("FONT0","11px arial,sans-serif"); //base font).
You can change the '11px' to a greater value.
Since this is the base font, it will also change the font size of various other texts.
If you want to change the size of one specific text, a minor change will be needed. If so, let me know the size of which text exactly you want to change and I will tell you how to do this.