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Posted:  15 Jun 2016 20:14
Hi !
I'm sort of beginner into calendar functions, so I'll need your help:
I post an event, as example from 15 June to 30 June and I want the title and the venue of the event to be imported into a webpage.
Any help will be appreciated.
Posted:  16 Jun 2016 15:32   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Radames

You have the possibility, to use the sidebar.
The events You want to display in the sidebar, can be filtered, on certain categories or event times.
The sidebar can be integrated in Your website.

Another way to integrate events in Your website, is to use an iframe. You can set the view up to for example  day view. You can also specify a date (start date) to view. This way You can display a specific day, week or month.
You can also specify a view much like the sidebar, but this can hold some more information and images and so.

The most correct way to show upcoming events, is by using the sidebar and the hovering.

You can see an example of the sidebar on LuxCal's demopage.
In the documentation, You can find information how to set up the calendar in an iframe, and how to specify parameters for that.

Was this wat You asked for ?

Kind regards