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Posted:  09 Jun 2016 08:53
First of all, thank you for an excellent product. It's exactly what my family needs for managing work schedules, doggy daycare, school, work travels and so on.

Two additions would make it even better for us, though:

* The way we use it, we almost only make full day events. It would be nice to have a setting to make full day event (sorry if I get the wording wrong here, I run it in Swedish) the default choice. When I input a lot of data, such as a work schedule for my girlfriend, every click saved is nice.

* I almost always use the full year view, since I only need to see things on a day basis, but I need to look far ahead. This means that I'm currently running out of distinct colors for the event categories, and need to hover over each event to see the text. It would be extremely neat if it was possible to upload a small icon (with specified dimensions) for each category, which would then be displayed instead of just a colored square. It would give that view a completely new level of usefulness.
Posted:  09 Jun 2016 12:47
Hello Troberg

About the full day
There is a field in the eventwindow just for that. It is in the block where Yoy specify start and end times - instead of this there is the field : All day.
If You check this, You don't have to put in start or end information.

about the icons :
Today You can upload small icons to Your website in the thumbnails folder.
You can use these icons in an event just by putting the filename ( full path not needed - LuxCal knows they are in the thumbnails folder ) in a textfield. You can use the textfield or the extra 1 or extra 2.
Then when hovering You will see this icon. If You use the month view, You can even have the icon shown for the whole day. - and without the need to hover if wanted.
I think that, in a new LuxCal version, it will be possible to upload thumbnails from an event ( so You don't need to FTP )

I think that Roel would consider a new feature :

In the categories, You would have a field for an imagename. and a dropdown where You can choose between extra 1 and extra 2
Then - when You create an event and choose a category for the event, then the image name will automatically be put in the extra 1 ( if extra 1 is set for this category )
Then You only have to specify the filename once, and every time You use this category, the image(name) is put in for You.

BUT - this last paragraph is for Roel to consider - and for You - because if this is not what You meant it gives no sense.

Hope this was helpful
Posted:  09 Jun 2016 12:54
Full day:

I know I can check it there, but I do full day planning only, so I have to check it every single time. It would be nice to be able to set it so that full day was checked by default (even if it was just some setting I'll have to set in a config file somewhere).


Yep, it's the category I want an icon for, and then have the icon show up when the event is shown, even in the year view (where it's only a little colored square at the moment).

For me, I don't need to be able to upload it, I'm happy to just put them in a subdirectory somewhere, though, I realize that for a more professional look, you'll probably want to go a more polished way.
Posted:  09 Jun 2016 13:06
And some more :

About the image in the square instead of a colour - What then if an image is not awailable. Consider if the hovering in the year view is not enough AND You have the month view, where each event can be shown as a category-image.

It is so easy to jump from year view to a specific month :
In year view just click on the month-name and You see that month - then click on the date interval ( between the two triangles ) and You are back in year view. Couldn't be easier. You don't need to use the options-panel

You can navigate from year to month to week to day and back again just with one click

I would suggest You try with icons on the event .
And then in settings - views - show in month view images CHECK.

Then consider : is the view OK ?
Would it be nice with the automatic image-insertion via category. ?

Does this give meaning for You ?

Kind regards
Posted:  09 Jun 2016 13:18   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Troberg

This is really online.
I didn't see Your post before I posted my second.

I see what You mean - it also has to be a setting - would be logically on the category - the category has to be present before an event can be updated - could be an option that said : if not start/endtime given in, then use all day.

But again - this is something only Roel can answer.

You write : put them in a sub-directory somewhere.
It has to be in the thumbnails folder

Kind regards
Posted:  09 Jun 2016 13:21
Do You know that You can have the day-colour specified for a category ?

Posted:  09 Jun 2016 13:36   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Sorry before writing this I didn't see the other posts (Schwartz and Troberg) above.

Hi Troberg,

Your 1st addition:
Let me know your calendar version, and I will post here a small change to achieve this.
Maybe I will make it an admin setting in the next LuxCal version.

Your 2nd addition:
It's a thought. But it is quite a bit of work to implement.
The current mini-square is 10 x 10 pixels (border included); what max. size would you suggest for these small icons? If there are several events on a day, and the icons are too large, the day cell size will increase as well. In the mini calendar for instance this would not be acceptable, because the mini calendar might not fit anymore in the iframe if the day cell size would increase.
Using a symbol (e.g. a letter, a figure , . . .), rather than an icon, with a border around it would be much easier to implement.

Posted:  09 Jun 2016 15:53
Thanks for the resonse!

Re: Version: Where do I find the version?

Re: Icon: A symbol would do nicely. I just need a little more than just a color.
Posted:  09 Jun 2016 17:01   Last Edited By: Roel B.
You will find the calendar version number at the top of the admin's Settings page (under General).

Or otherwise . . .
Edit the file pages/events.php and search for the following line of code (probably around line number 273):
$ald = isset($_POST['ald']) ? $_POST['ald'] : '';
Directly under this line insert the following line of code:
if ($sti == '') { $ald = 'all'; }

This will have two effects in the Event window:
1. for new events the default will be "all day"
2. if you deselect "all day" and leave the start time blank, it will automatically assume "all day"

Posted:  10 Jun 2016 21:15
Thanks, worked like a charm!
Posted:  10 Jun 2016 22:52   Last Edited By: Roel B.
I played a bit with an optional symbol for each event category and I must say, a symbol per category makes the year view and the matrix view much easier to read.
It's rather easy to implement, and therefore I will include this feature in the next LuxCal release.

Posted:  13 Jun 2016 07:25

This is the reason I often prefer smaller products, the distance from idea to implementation is so much shorter (I've worked in both small software projects and extremely large projects, and the difference is huge.).
Posted:  18 Oct 2016 00:49
We really like the calendar and often get compliments regarding the sidebar on our main webpage at  GBARC. This is a suggestion, maybe it has already been implemented. We have some events which happen weekly such as a meeting on our local repeater. Or monthly breakfasts. In order to prevent the events from cluttering up the sidebar, I add the event to each subsequent scheduled time/day by advancing the repeat till field. So for weekly events I advance one week after the event has taken place, same for monthly events.

My suggestion would be to prevent displaying the next event, till the current one expires, say the day after the event.

just a thought
many thanks  Tom in Canada VA3TS