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Posted:  30 May 2016 21:00
I only see a way to post publicly or privately.  Any way to post events with a group?
Posted:  31 May 2016 09:07
Hello Lilrooster

With "post events" i assume You mean to have events visible/available for certain groups, and not mail to groups.
You can mail to groups by creating mail-files with group members.

Reg. post events : You can have users belonging to a usergroup.
When You create an event, You give the event a category. Each usergroup can be set up for all categories, or You can mark which categories  that are allowed to view. Furthermore, You can specify ( for the same categories or for a subset of categories ) which categories that are allowed to add/edit  for events with this category.

When You, for a usergroup mark certain categories, only these categories are selectable in the options panel, for users belonging to this usergroup.

Hope this was helpful for You

Kind regards
Posted:  31 May 2016 18:55
Thank you for the info.

very helpful.  It works!

Posted:  04 Jun 2016 01:04
Excellent explanation Schwartz.

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