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Posted:  10 May 2016 14:59
Hi, i'm using luxcal in a testing environment and i'm struggle with user rights in a particular condition.

I need to set "post own" rules for all users but in the meantime, every user should have write rights only on a specific category (todo i.e.).
For example, user Mario sets an event with something to do but user Giorgio should have the possibility to mark that event as "done"

It's this possible??
Posted:  12 May 2016 04:21
I think the only way would be if they are a manager of a group. You might be able to create a group for just todo's and make them members of that group. I'm not using "Todo" so I don't know if managers can be for it or just event categories.

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Posted:  12 May 2016 21:32
Hi Fox,

This could be achieved by giving Mario's user group "post own" rights and giving Giorgio's user group "post all" rights. In this case Giorgio can edit all events, including Mario's events. Of course Giorgio can also edit other elements of Mario's events and he can create new events.
In the next LuxCal version 4.5.0 it is possible to specify for each user group which event categories can be viewed and which categories can be added/edited separately. This will give you more control over what Mario and Giorgio are allowed to do. This version however, has not been released yet.