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Posted:  06 May 2016 18:01
I have loaded a brand new version 4.4.0M to my site via Softaculous.

I try to load an event via the screen. It fails with this message:
2016.05.06 17:30:54 Script: /calendar/index.php - SQL execute error: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1364 Field 'editor' doesn't have a default value

How do I give it a default value and what should its value be please? All other NOT NULL fields have a default value.

Posted:  07 May 2016 18:55
Hi Neil,

This is the second time I see this error; I think it has something to do with the sql mode STRICT_TRANS_TABLES.
But I'm not sure.
There is also a possibility that in the MySql database some columns of type 'text' are defined with a default value, which apparently is not allowed. I will change the database table definitions and run a couple of tests.

If you could tell me exactly when this error occurs, this would be a great help.

If my tests are successful, I could send you an updated file. The only inconvenience for you would be that you have to delete the tables in your MySQL database and re-install the calendar.

Posted:  08 May 2016 17:48
Thanks for reply.

After loading the software, and then signing on as the admin user, then I thought that the thing to do was a quick review of settings - but they seemed OK.

Then I wanted to save an event - so pressed on + and the window opened for the event.

I added a title, start and end times (and only these), then clicked on Add and close. Then I got the message.

I have not been able to add an event at all.

I can confirm that phpMyAdmin does not allow me to add a default valut to a text field.