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Posted:  05 May 2016 12:09   Last Edited By: donsenilo

I've tried to figure out what the txt-file in "emlists" is all about.
But I don't get it sad

What is it for and how does it work ?

And btw.:
If there is an image in the description and you send a reminder, the image in the mail is not there (only a red x).
Posted:  05 May 2016 14:02
Hello Donsenilo

The emlist is a folder where You can put email lists in. There is an example file in the folder : email-list-1.txt

You can create more email list files.

When You create an event, Your own email address is defaulted in the email section. If You in this field set the name of a mail list, then a mail is sent to all on/in this list.
It can be used if You for example have an event that is a billard match. For this event You have 4 players. You set each player in a line in a mail list and put in the mail list name in the field instead of Your own email address.
Then a mail will automatically be sent to all 4 participants, when the event mail settings say so.

Regarding the red x :
It is probably because You have a security software or a mail program that blocks for fetching attachments directly.
If You right-click on the red x, You probably will have an option that says : Fetch images.

Kind regards