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Posted:  02 May 2016 22:29
Hi Roel,

I'm trying to figure out the current CSS assignment in lctheme.php. 

I figured out that the background colour of the popup to add events is the same as what is entered in "grid - weekday 1".  That means if you want the cell background to be white, you can't have white text in the navbar or you don't see the field titles in events.

Also, in Public view the colour of the nav bar is "background body".  But when logged in it's the colour in "navbar / endbar / table headers" - is that a bug?

So, I'm stuck with dark coloured text if I want white cell backgrounds, which pretty much limits how dark I can go on borders and backgrounds.  I think you need more CSS definitions so that you don't have more than one element sharing the same colour.

Finally, how do I turn off the red hover colour?  I've asked you before on previous versions but can't remember.  This should be in the same options file - change the red colour and or turn off hover completely.

Posted:  10 May 2016 23:07
Found it.  All the other CSS is in css.php.  Here's the hover colour:

a:hover {text-shadow: 0.2em 0.3em 0.2em #F88;}

Still, it's essential to have configurable colours but I think there has to be more of a selection than the few offered.

Posted:  12 May 2016 21:36
Agreed Charles, it's on out ToDo list.