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Posted:  28 Apr 2016 17:38
Upgraded to 440L but calendar comes up as a new Calendar. Try to restore my backup but it informs me"Backup file doesn't match calendar version" db not restored. How can I get my 430 Db into 440?
Posted:  28 Apr 2016 21:59
Hi there,

Some more details please.
When upgrading, did you get the screen with the progress of the upgrade and a message that the upgrade was successful or did you get the install screen where you had to specify user name, password, etc.? (In other words: are you sure the upgrade function was executed, or was it the install function that was executed.)
If it was the install function that ran, then did you maybe accidentally delete the lcconfig.php file in the calendar root, when you deleted the files of the previous version?

To resolve your problem asap, you could maybe email me (see Contact Us page) the backup file of the previous V430 and the .cdb file, or files (if there are more) in the calendar's "db" folder.
I will then upgrade your V430 file to V440 and send it back to you.