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Posted:  15 Apr 2016 12:45   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Roel,

For upgrades users are advised, at least with the MySQL version, to delete all files except the lcconfig.php file. The problem / issue with that is any customization's done to files are lost. Of course we can document things to make the changes at each upgrade.

In the current version 4.4.0 there is a setting for the setting under General Link to parent page: which gets saved. I wanted / needed to change the button label from "Back" to "Website". It required I find and edit the button label in /langs/ui-mylanguage.php. Perhaps there could be a field beside "Link to parent page:" button label where it could be set. In the same file I also changed the hover text to "Go to website".

We can change category colours which are maintained but if you change other colours in the theme they are lost. Perhaps those could also be in a "Theme Settings" so colour changes etc are maintained. Personally I've always kept the default calendar colours.

The same could be done for customizing the help text. Have the entire help text in the database to generate the page. People could include links and images if they want within the help text.

In addition to the "Back" button on the nav bar a menu system maintained in the database. The menu would be between the Title Text and date and the Nav Bar. Many have LuxCal in a page as an iframe. There might be many that have LuxCal stand alone where they would like to have links to other pages such as an FAQ or forum. Have an add button and link.
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Posted:  16 Apr 2016 21:41   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Dan,

I see what you mean; interesting!
I'm trying to understand what effort it would take, for instance, to create a Theme Settings page.

I will need some time to digest all this wink

Posted:  17 Apr 2016 00:07
Hi Roel,

You can correct me if I'm wrong. My understanding is currently you have css.php plus lctheme.php that control the way things look. Those files are accessed to get what is needed.

From what I can see the current style for the div.navBar background is: #aaaaff (light purple). Say I want it to be red. Could you not have a field in the database for the nav bar where you have the code #aaaaff and I would enter the code #FF0000 to replace it?

Since I'm not a programmer I don't know if that would work or how difficult it is to implement. Looking at lctheme.php there are a lot of settings.

If css.php and lctheme.php don't get replaced on upgrade then it wouldn't be as necessary. Part of it is also for ease of use. I haven't looked in the documentation, perhaps it says in there if you want to change the colours etc these are the files you need to edit.

Perhaps those files can be created from the values in the database when the calendar is accessed?

"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

Find great LuxCal examples by Schwartz at