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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / Ver 4.4.0 - CSV Import Error
Posted:  14 Apr 2016 15:57   Last Edited By: sgill
I keep getting CSV file error on line: 3 when importing a csv file.  The file is formatted exactly as the sample.  At this point I am only attempting to import 4 records.  I have tried using Excel as well as OpenOffice using almost every CVS file option to create the CSV file with no luck.  (Using UTF-8)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted:  14 Apr 2016 20:26
I've used the importer before but not with 4.4 yet. Here is what has worked for me in the past.

On the first row is the fields.

"Title";"Venue";"Category";"Date";"End Date";"Start Time";"End Time";"Description"

Note that the text is between quotes for the fields and that a semi colon is used.

Let me know if that helps.

If it does work, you are limited to 100 records for each import. That was the limit in the past unless it has been updated.

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Posted:  15 Apr 2016 20:57
I think I found out the problem, but do not know a way to fix it.  The csv file I am importing is from an export of the EasyPHP Calendar database.  The Description field has line breaks for formatting purposes. 

If I remove the line breaks on the description field so that everything is on a single line in the csv file, the import works.  However, the formatting of the event description is terrible.  How can I import the file while still maintaining the formatting (line breaks) in the description field?

Thank you!
Posted:  15 Apr 2016 23:20
See my reply to your email.

Once the problem has been solved, I will post the solution here for other LuxCal users.