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Posted:  07 Apr 2016 21:28
Hi all. I'm trying to put together a routing script based on my customer appointments. I'm trying to scrape the Venue: from the next upcoming events and put them in a mapping script I got my hands on . The problem is if I go to http://mysite/calendar/views/upcoming.php I get a restricted error so, trying to use a dom scrape method wont work. I've also tried A few other methods but the structure of this script is confusing to me. I'm a total novice by the way.  Any Ideas?

Lastly, Is there a way for the upcoming to only show current day instead of multiple days? If I do get this to work and pull data from upcoming, it would be pointless (for Me) to plan a route today that includes tomorrows clients.

Thanks thump_up
Posted:  08 Apr 2016 05:50   Last Edited By: octoma
I was able to accomplish what I needed by messing with lcsbar.php. I also found the look ahead option in admin settings. wink
Posted:  08 Apr 2016 14:22
It sounds like a neat idea, routing based on appointments. Google maps does allow you to create a route based on multiple destinations so I think it would be handy for a few different businesses / companies.

Perhaps you can post a link or screen shot of what it looks like in action?

"Little Guy"
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Posted:  08 Apr 2016 15:45
Hi Dan,

I've got it set to pull in appointments on current days. All I need to do is hit calculate route and set off. I was geting tired of Zig-Zagging around town in total randomness and wasting gas (Big, heavy, v8 boxtruck)sad

Here it is in action:
Posted:  09 Apr 2016 09:09
Hi Octoma,

That is really neat. If you have multiple users will it work for each user's schedule for the day and do the same thing?

There are a few businesses like cleaning service's that visit homes or businesses to do cleaning where I could see that being helpful.

The only thing I don't understand is the time would enter into it. Say I have something set for 1:00 because they aren't available before that time but it is close to my 9:30 appointment. The route would take me there too early. To avoid that do you have them all set for the same time?

"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

Find great LuxCal examples by Schwartz at