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Posted:  01 Apr 2016 18:57
When there is a lot of information in the event window (after clicking on an event), the user is unable to scroll down to view content at the bottom. I haven't yet found a way to set the window to scroll. Searched through most of the CSS code.
Posted:  01 Apr 2016 21:16
Hi there,

Normally there is never a need to scroll down in the Event window. The window is resized to match its content automatically (via JavaScript). So if you can't see for instance the buttons at the bottom of the window, then apparently the window has not resized.
Could you send me an URL of your calendar (via the Contact U Page) and a temporary user account, so that I can see for myself what's going wrong?

Posted:  15 Apr 2016 17:01

The window does resize for each event but the length it will resize to seems to have a limit.
If you click on the bottom event on saturday march 12.
LP 2A/1C/3A, you will see how the window is not long enough to display all the content. If you highlight the text and drag down, you can see it, but few people would know to do that.
Posted:  16 Apr 2016 01:46
It does open full length but the problem is it is too long when displayed on my monitor. Since I can't scroll down all I could do was press Ctrl - to make the text smaller to see the entire window. Then the text was so small I had a lot of difficulty trying to read it. I can see where in this case the scroll bar would be needed. Most events wouldn't likely contain that much text. Now since you can attach a file you could have a smaller description with all the details in a PDF. Of course that is assuming they have a PDF to attach.

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Posted:  16 Apr 2016 21:14   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Rik,

Like Dan said, for the event on March 12 (LP 2A/1C/3A) there are so many lines of text, that the window doesn't fit any more on my monitor. You can drag the window wider,  but - because of all the new lines in the text - even then it doesn't fit on my monitor.
So the software should test on the window height and the monitor height and if it doesn't fit, display a scroll bar.
I will have a look if this is possible.
In the latest version of LuxCal you can attach pdf files to events, which can be clicked/opened by the calendar users. This may be a better alternative for long texts. But then of course you would have to upgrade your 3.2.3 version, which you have so nicely integrated in your website sad