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Posted:  18 Mar 2016 09:25
Hi Roel
I've 'adjusted' the upcoming.php file by commenting out

echo "<div class="headUp noPrint">n";
echo '<h5>',makeD($cD,2)," - ",makeD($eDate,2),'</h5>'."n<br>n";
echo "</div>n";

to remove the from to dates which has left behind the large blank space at the top of the calendar.  Is it possible at all to get back this space please?

Thanks my friend
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Posted:  19 Mar 2016 12:08
I could be wrong. I think the >n"; is a new line which creates extra space. There is also the line to show the dates. Instead of commenting it all all try changing to the following.


echo "<div class="headUp noPrint">n";
echo "</div>n";

It might not be perfect but hopefully it will accomplish what you need.

"Little Guy"
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Posted:  19 Mar 2016 13:22
Hi Graham and Dan,

That's an "old" version ohmy
But never mind, I've kept the history of all previous LuxCal versions.

Good try Dan, but not good enough wink

On the Upcoming page, the light grey area (scroll area) is positioned "absolute", so to shift this area upwards to recover the freed space, you should edit the css/css.php file and somewhere around line 93 you will find a style which looks like . . .

.scrollBoxUp, .scrollBoxCh {position:absolute; left:0; top:75px; right:0; bottom:0px; padding:0 10px; overflow:auto;}

In this style you should change the part "top:75px;" (somewhere in the middle). If you want the area to start 30 pixels higher, just change 75 to 45. You should maybe experiment a bit to see what value suits you best.

(Because I don't know your exact calendar version, the line number and the value 75 above could be slightly different).

If this is not what you meant, or if it doesn't work, please let me know.
Kind regards,
Posted:  21 Mar 2016 09:32
Line 93 was the one that did it for me Roel.

Thanks very much for sorting me yet again thump_up - also thanks to Dan for the suggestion.
Best wishes
The Middle Marches Benefice
The villages of Bedstone & Bucknell