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LuxCal Forum / General / Problems / v4.4M, choosing Administration results in 404 error
Posted:  01 Mar 2016 11:42   Last Edited By: Gork
I just upgraded to 4.4.0M from 4.3.0M with no problems.  (Yay!)  As you know, I don't actively use the calendar anymore <sad face> but I ran across a small oddity while poking around after upgrading.  (I keep my installation updated because I absolutely LOVE your script!)  On the main page (at least in monthly view and I assume in all views) there is a dropdown box initially labelled "Administration".  After you choose an item in that dropdown box to visit the corresponding administration page "Administration" is available as a choice in the dropdown menu from that page.  And since (I assume) it's only meant to be a label, choosing the option results in a 404 not found error.

Perhaps instead of having the "Calendar" button to return to the calendar from the administration pages the "Administration" choice in the dropdown box should be changed to "Calendar" ??  That'd make it so the button didn't have to be there and take up space and would prevent the 404 issue.
Posted:  01 Mar 2016 13:52
Hello Gork,

Hmm, peculiar. The "Administration" should NOT be in the drop-down list as a choice. And in my test calendars it isn't. So why does it show up in your drop-down list !?

What browser are you using?
Posted:  01 Mar 2016 14:06   Last Edited By: Gork
IE11.  I just tested and the same thing happens in Edge as well.  However, when I just looked at the page in FF it behaved as it does for you.
Posted:  01 Mar 2016 18:47
Thanks Gork,
Yeah, I could reproduce the problem.
Firefox, Chrome, Opera thump_up
IE, Edge, Safari thump_down

I will call Bill Gates tonight and if he doesn't let me fix this in the source code of IE and Edge, I will try to find a work-around.
Posted:  02 Mar 2016 07:19
lol  Interesting that Edge was supposed to fix all these types of issues apparent in IE, yes?
Posted:  11 Apr 2016 22:44
Roel ,   
Version 4.0L (the latest)
I was just about to ask you about the same thing..

I'm in IE 11.0.9 on a Windows 7 and I get this reaction... 
and on my server , Windows 2008 R2 , with IE 9. , I also get this strange reaction  ...
When I leave the default, which is "administrator" to go to "parameters" ,
and click back on the scrol menu "Administrator"  ,  it there... and it point to http://localhost/administrator
Have you received the email I sent to you this morning. 
I responded to you message, and this time , I’ve not received any SMTP errors back , yet wink