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Posted:  22 Feb 2016 23:33   Last Edited By: Roel B.
This new LuxCal version 4.4 has some interesting new features. One new feature is a possibility to upload and attach pdf, image and video files to events; each attachment will result in a hyperlink in the relevant event, which can be selected by the calendar users to open the attachment in a new window. Another new feature is a new matrix view (proposed by John - thanks John!), with on the left side the event categories (the rows) and on the right side the calendar days (the columns), which are horizontally scrollable. Furthermore the administrator can now choose to display individual view buttons for quick access to your favourite views, next to or instead of the options panel button.

Changes/Improvements since LuxCal version 4.3.0
• A file upload feature has been added. If enabled in the user group, users in this group can upload pdf, image and video files as attachment to an event. If added to the "event templates" on the admin's Settings page, in the various views and emails the attached files will appear as hyperlink, which allows the user to view the attachment in a new window.
• A new view, called matrix view has been added to the calendar. The rows in this matrix are the event categories, and the columns are the calendar days, which can be scrolled horizontally.
• A new admin setting has been added to enable/disable the display of View buttons next to the options panel on the navigation bar. The view menu in the options panel can now also be enabled / disabled on the Settings page. If all menus in the options panel are disabled, the options panel button will not be displayed.
• The week and day view has been improved. If space is available, events will take the full space. The styles have been changed to make the events more sexy (css3 - more recent browsers).
• The date(span) between the black back and forward arrows is now a hyperlink to the next higher level, so: day -> week, full week -> full month, work week -> work month and month -> year.
• Send mail 0 (zero) days before event is now accepted and will result in an email reminder on the event day. If the event is added/edited on the event (start) date itself and 0 days is selected, an email will be sent directly (same as "Send mail now").
• On the admin's Settings page, saving calendar settings speeded up by putting the database queries in a transaction.
• The Check Event window, to check/uncheck "Todo" events, has been made redundant. Event check boxes in front of the event title can now be checked/unchecked directly by clicking the check box/check mark, without reloading the page.
• The width of images displayed in the various views now is limited to the maximum width of the day cell, which results in a better display on small screens, like mobile devices.
• On the admin's settings page, under periodic functions, it can now be specified whether the cronjob is hosted locally (same server as the calendar), remote (external
    server), or remote with a specified IP-address. Each time the cronjob runs, even if it fails, technical details are logged in the log directory, which facilitates fault finding when setting up a cron job.
• When creating new calendars, for instance via the installxxx.php script, the calendar name (ID) in the name/title pairs may now contain up to 20 of the following characters: a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and _ (underscore).
• On the settings page, under Views, event templates may not be empty. Views slightly reorganized.

Technical issues
• In the toolboxx some redundant tests removed in init<table> functions and saveSettings function.
• Redundant stPrep, stExec and dbQuery tests removed. testing on return value "false" already solved in try - catch construction.
• In the stand-alone sidebar, redundant (unused) <div>-tag around hover box with event details and corresponding style removed.
• To prevent PHP notices, in the save last selections function, first check if the PHP session has not expired.
• Some style changes: absolute positioning nav bar removed and minor padding changes to make maximum use of the "content" space.
• The MySQL version and the SQLite version of the lcalcron.php file have been merged into one file. The difference are minor and the merge makes maintenance easier.
• The calendar feeds have been made fully RSS and Atom compliant, meeting the latest recommendations. The script produces 100% valid feeds.

Bug fixes
• MySQL only - When during the calendar installation connecting to the database fails, the error message to be displayed contained an undefined variable.
• Field validation of 'Remember me' cookie expiry days didn't work properly.
• When sending email reminders, only email reminders up to 30 days before the event date were processed, whilst up to 99 days can be specified in the Event window.
• SQLite only: In the lctoolbox the "Import" option didn't work. No connection to the database was made.
• On the settings page under Events, posting of private events was shown twice.
• In the Text Search Instructions on the Search page, the explanation of the newly added user group was missing.
• Duplicate HTML IDs and wrong label references solved in the edit group form.
• On the settings page, under Views, event templates may not be empty.
Posted:  26 Feb 2016 12:00
Wow Roel!

I really like the updates and particularly the file upload feature with a link to the PDF etc. If it was say a show / play it could be the flyer or itinerary of an event or craft show etc.

"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

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Posted:  29 Feb 2016 11:30   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Dan,

I've changed it; attachments can now be pdf, image (jpg, gif, png) or video (various formats).