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Posted:  21 Feb 2016 13:56
Hi Roel,

First and foremost this would be a big task and may or may not be something you have any desire to implement. I know a couple of people have brought up extended event features. Your latest addition of the booking feature is great which goes a long way enabling LuxCal to be used by people and organizations.

There is an open source script I've used that has an Events Plugin with some great features. Since elgg is a social network script some of the features wouldn't apply for LuxCal but I thought by posting what it provides it might help in providing ideas of features. I've included screen shots for reference.

Events plugin for elgg.

Some features are:

Start and End Date (multiple day events which LuxCal already has)
The ckeditor is used for entering the description which allows for formatting, images and url's. (Nicer than just text) TinyMCE is another popular one.
Access for logged in users only or public (this is already in LuxCal)
For the Venue / Location - Contact Details, Website url if there is a fee and Maximum number of attendees.
Optional - Registering for the event has notification when someone signs up.
Optional - Display attendees
Under Registration Options
Registration needed to attend?
Enable waiting list?
Allow not logged in users to register (All public users to register)
End date of Registration.
Under RSVP Options
Disable registration to this event.
Interested - Interested or Planning in attending
Presenting - Might be a lecturer or maybe an entertainer.
Exhibiting (My wife use to do craft shows so in her case she would register as an Exhibitor)
Organizing - I guess if you are going to help organize the event.

"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

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Posted:  22 Feb 2016 15:26
Thanks Dan!

This would indeed be a major task to implement. But as you said, it's good to get ideas of features which would be of interest for a new calendar release. I think most items from your list would add value to the calendar.
I'm just now busy preparing a new LuxCal release with interesting new features, which should go out this week. Don't miss it wink

Thereafter I hope to get time to start thinking of what should go into the following release. So at that time your list will maybe inspire me.

Posted:  22 Feb 2016 19:52
Hi Roel,

It will be interesting to see what you have added since the last release. I'll keep an eye on the forum and site so I don't miss it.

"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

Find great LuxCal examples by Schwartz at