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Posted:  12 Feb 2016 01:44
I have been able to ugrade from 1.8 to 4.3. Great Calendar, great new feautures. Now I'd loved to activate the upcoming events on my homepage. And I can't get it done. This is what I 've filled in in my home-page, as far is I know exactly according to instructions.
But I get nothing.

In de <head> section:
  <link href="MyWebDirForLuxcal/css/css_sbar.php" rel="stylesheet" type = "text/css" >
  <script src="MyWebDirForLuxcal/common/toolbox.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

In the <body> section:
<?php $sbClass = "sideBar"; $sbHeader = "Komende activiteiten"; $sbMaxNbr = (8); $sbCal = [Database name]; include "MyWebDirForLuxcal/lcsbar.php"; ?>

Where did I go wring?

After installation it ain't easy (for me?) to get back into the toolbox and cheque out if there is any clue, any further direction. I wished I had easier access to that toolbox, i think it is a usefull tool.

Thanks a lot for further help.
Posted:  12 Feb 2016 20:31   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Pinpanter (something tells me there should be a 'k' somewhere),
Exactly according to the instructions, but not quite wink

The part in the <head> section is fine.
But the part in the <body> needs some attention:
1) The part $sbClass = "sideBar"; is default, and could be left out; but leaving it in doesn't harm
2) $sbMaxNbr = (8); doesn't work, should be without parenthesis, so $sbMaxNbr = 8; However, 8 is not very much. I would suggest to leave it out and only add it if later you believe there are too many events in the sidebar.
2) And $sbCal = [Database name]; is not correct. If your calendar name is "mycal", then this should be $sbCal = 'mycal'; However, if you have only one calendar installed, you can skip this parameter altogether.

So if you add the following line to the <body>:
<?php $sbHeader = "Komende activiteiten"; include "MyWebDirForLuxcal/lcsbar.php"; ?>
it should be ok.
Once it displays correctly, you can change the style sideBar in the file "MyWebDirForLuxcal/css/css_sbar.php" to set the height, width, position, etc. In the header of the same file you can tailor the colors, fonts, etc. to match the style of your website.

Nou, nu gaat het zeker lukken.
Posted:  15 Feb 2016 15:33
Thanks for your fast reply. The 'K' you thought to be missing in my name somewhere is a misunderstanding. With that K it would only be giving me color, but without, is showes I am more experienced with a different type op code wink

With your suggestions I have tried all kind of changes, but still no result: no upcoming events on our homepage.
When analysing in Edge by F12 I can see that the Javascript for the Toolbox is loaded, but it seems it's not working. I tried several watches (posX, posY, overlay, hlpWinH, hlpWinW) but they all give nothing else than '<not available>'.

The Calendar itselves. also the upcoming events within the Calendar, is working very fine.

And I am very happy with all the features for recurring events.

't lukt nog steeds niet dus ....
Posted:  16 Feb 2016 19:23

Could you give me the URL of the web page where you want to embed the stand-alone sidebar, so that I can have a look myself.
If you prefer, you can send me the URL by email via the Contact Us page.
Or otherwise send me the source of the full web page.

Posted:  17 Feb 2016 21:49
Thanks to Roel my problem has been solved. My mistake was as silly as stupid. After adding PHP to  my index-page I should have stored it as index.php (was index.html which does not activate PHP).
I knew it, I've learned it but didn't think about it.

Roel, thanks very much, again: great work!