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Posted:  03 Feb 2016 13:27

when I insert a new event, if I select "send now" I receive an email, but if I select " and/or XX days before the event, LuxCal doesn't send the any notification email.

Could you help me? Thanks!!

Posted:  04 Feb 2016 11:41
Hi David,

Did you create a cron job on your server, which daily (around 2:00am) starts the file lcalcron.php in the calendar root directory? And if so, did the cron job run successfully? You can check this in the log file /logs/luxcal.log.

How to set up a cron job is described in the header of file lcalcron.php.
If you still have problems, let me know.
Posted:  05 Feb 2016 13:18
Hi Roel,

thanks. The problem is solved.

Posted:  04 May 2016 15:16
Dear Roel,

I still have the same problem. It seems like if lcalcron.php doesn't work. luxcal.log is empty.

If I open lcalcron.php directly using chrome or Explorer nothing happens either.

Could you help me?

Posted:  04 May 2016 16:10
Dear Roel,

Crond works fine on server. The problem is on lcalcron.php execution.

Posted:  04 May 2016 18:08
Dear Roel,

now I have detected that lcalcron.php works fine. I receive, as administrator, a resume of changes when lcalcron.php is called. but i donĀ“t receive notification e-mail as calendar's user.