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Posted:  03 Feb 2016 02:08

After I log into the admin and attempt to add a new category I get the following error:
You don't have permission to access /cal/index.php on this server.
Posted:  04 Feb 2016 11:45
Hi there,

This is a message produced by the server and not by the LuxCal calendar. It looks like a problem with file/directory access rights.
Does this error message only occur when trying to add a new category, or also when opening other pages, like adding users, adding events, etc. ?
Posted:  04 Feb 2016 14:25
Thanks for the reply!
Love this calendar.
It only happens when trying to add a new category.  All other functions work great.
Posted:  12 Feb 2016 06:56
I found a work around.  Rather than using the add category function in the administration area I edit the database file directly and then use the add category function and make any changes such as color and overlap etc.
Posted:  12 Feb 2016 20:40
Good, I'm happy it works for you.
But I'm still a bit concerned how this can happen and why other users don't have the same problem.