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LuxCal Forum / General / Problems / Chrome window resize problem re-visited!
Posted:  02 Feb 2016 16:09
I decided to open this thread separate to my also ongoing one as I have discovered an issue with the event window resize function In chrome.

After seeing the thread here: I am even more confused. I have exactly the problem as originally described there. Just on one machine I have, when you access the Calendar in Chrome (only) the buttons at the bottom of the even window are out of view. Chrome is up to date, I'm on the latest stable version of the LuxCal, and the machine is running Win 7. It works just fine on IE and opera, and on Chrome on other machines. I see there is code which I could try implementing in the linked thread, and thought I would just ask the question before I did anything as the thread is from some time ago.

Seems to be an incompatibility between the site, the browser and the software on that machine.

Kind regards,
Posted:  02 Feb 2016 17:36
Hi matt

I have experienced the same problem. ( only in Chrome )
I have used much time to find out why.

It turned out to be when I activated : Norton Security Toolbar  2015.5.4.11
By activating/ deactivating this extension, I found ( finally ) out that this was the cause. ( it “deactivated” and “activated” the lower buttons – the buttons was there but You had to either TAB to them, or resize the window vertically )

Perhaps You have the same extension, or another that causes the same result.
Hope this helps.
Posted:  02 Feb 2016 21:31
Oh you are the one! Yup there was an extension on that machine that the bank are instant on, deleted and it works a treat! Great, many thanks. Feel a bit silly opening this thread now but at least it is there for others with issues!

Kind Regards.