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Posted:  31 Jan 2016 14:38

First of all let me thank you for this great application. smile

There is just one thing I miss... or maybe I just did not find out how to set up. Is it possible to define - as an administrator - which records / categories would be visible for specific users / user groups? As I see that the necessary filtering has been already developed – selecting just some categories under the “Options” button in the top-left corner does exactly what I mean. However, user can change this anytime he decides to do so… and that is exactly I do not want him/ her to do. 
Is there a way how to do this? Or - if not at the moment – would you consider this for the future?

Kind regards,
Posted:  31 Jan 2016 19:01
Hello Pavouk

In group settings, You can specify which categories are available for that group, and Then You can attach users to that group.
Be aware of, that if You give "public user" group,  rights to all categories, then this will of course be for all users.
So - You have to decide first which categories that has to be available for public user, and then attach the public user to that group.
You can then make the other groups, and then attach users to these groups.
In the options menu, You can then select on these groups also.
When a user is logged on, he can only select between the categories You have decided for him.
When the user creates an event, he can only create events with a category, that matches what You have set up.

Hope this was helpful
Kind regards
Posted:  31 Jan 2016 19:10
Hello again Pavouk.

You can find som more information on the fansite :

You can also here check the category and the user.

Whether or not, You find the site useful, please give a response on the site.

Thank You

This post is a commercial for the fansite biggrin
Posted:  01 Feb 2016 21:28
Hi Schwartz,

let me say THANK YOU!!! smile

That one small detail Be aware of, that if You give "public user" group,  rights to all categories, then this will of course be for all users. was the key. Because I require everyone to log in in order to be able to view the records I did not pay enough attention to the fact, that there is this public user still giving access to everyone... and removiong access from this group did exactlz what I was looking for. thump_up

I shall check the fansite later, now I have a lot of work setting up all the user groups. smile