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Posted:  20 Jan 2016 00:53
I'd like to have my site navigation in the page on top of my calendar so that it looks more uniform with my site. However, I can't figure out where to put the include 'nav.php';

Anyone know where it goes? I've tried several spots, and even managed to get it to show, but the calendar never moves down for me to see any of it.
Posted:  20 Jan 2016 23:52   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,
Yes, I know where it goes and what to do.
First I would like to draw your attention to the following website: Cranes 101. here you can see that if you put the LuxCal calendar in an iframe, it is still possible to nicely integrate the calendar in your own webpage, just by tailoring the user interface styles in the file css.lcthemes.php.

If you still prefer to add your own navigation in the LuxCal scripts, then continue reading . . .
I assume you want your own navigation at the very top of the calendar.
First you need to know how many pixels height you need for your navigation. For example I will assume you need 30 pixels, but you can take whatever number you want.
The normal calendar pages are built up as follows (top down):
<header> . . .  top bar . . . </header>
<div class='navBar'> . . . navigation bar . . . </div>
<div class='content'> . . . calendar page . . .  </div>

The position of the top bar is normal (relative) and therefore it can be shifted down.
The navigation bar is positioned absolute with top:26px and cannot shift down
The calendar page is positioned absolute with top:48px and cannot shift down

So if you want to free 30px at the top of the calendar you will need to add 30px to the top-position of both the styles "navBar" and "contents". So edit the file css/css.php and on lines 82 and 83 change top:26px and top:48px to top: 56px and top:78px respectively.
Now you can add your navigation with a height of 30px at the top. Remember, the top bar will shift down automatically when something is added before.

If you "include" your navigation, then you should do that in the file common/header.php on three different locations, just before the function call headerHdr();, so before lines 458, 501 and 521.

Posted:  21 Jan 2016 21:52
Very helpful! Thanks.