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Posted:  17 Jan 2016 16:38   Last Edited By: Sudqi

Thank you for LuxCal, it's a nice calendar.

We are just starting to use the calendar, I am trying to restrict overlapping use of the meeting rooms, but unortunately it seems the calendar doesn't support it. As a work around, i tried creating the meeting room as a category (although not ideal) but discovered that it will not let me setup recurring meetings if the overlap restriction is turned on for the category.

I would like to recommend having a feature to manage meeting rooms/venues - here are my suggetions maybe you find them useful:

1- have a section to create/maintain meeting rooms (venues) just like categories.
2- features per venue can include: overlap restriction, option to show venue on calendar and events or hide it, user groups that can book that venue (one of the options should be "all"), and others.
3- if possible, have a feature that can display available venues so users can select from the list if multiple options are defined.
4- recurring meetings should be allowed with venues (unlike categories) - If the venue in a recurring meeting is not available for one of the occurances, I would suggest that we have the option to change the venue only for that occurance and be able to setup the series successfully.

Hope this helps.

Thank you!
Posted:  18 Jan 2016 22:23   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Thanks for your suggestions.
Posted:  04 Feb 2016 13:32
Hi Sudgi

It is maybe not ideal, but using the category as a meeting room will prevent double bookings.
It is right that recurring events is not allowed when a category are set for "no overlap".
BUT - if You have regular meetings e.g every Monday at 10:00 - 11:00, You could remove the "flag" from the category, create the recurring event, and then set the flag on again.
The system can handle recurring events already present, so there can be no overlapping even with the recurring events.

In the system there already are a function where You ( via the user groups ) can restrict access to certain categories.
The feature are exactly what You want - but it goes on the category and not the venue.
And the same for displaying.
So - I think You can it all, already, but with categories instead of venues. Consider having a meeting room as a category, and use the venue as a sort of category. It already is an index field, and when You type in text, it suggests one of the present venues/categories already used. Only thing is that You can't restrict the use, and You can't select - but You can search on a specific event(type) and print a list. I could suggest that You post selectable venues as an idea in the forum, if You could use it this way.