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Posted:  13 Jan 2016 23:53
I am having a problem getting the SMTP Mail feature to work. No Test Email is Sent via SMTP, but  PHP Mail does send Test Mail.
I am migrating from shared Hosting to my own virtual server.  I haven't been able to configure a mailserver on my virtual server, so need to use SMTP Mail feature in LuxCal till I can get the mailserver working.  I am experiencing the SMTP mailing failure on my shared hosting account as well. I never had call to try SMTP Mail before on my shared hosting.

On the setting page in the Email settings section I have

SMTP Mail enabled
ServerName filled in
Port 25
SSL Enabled
SMTP Auth Enabled
Username filled in
Password filled in

In the general section I have the email address entered. When I hit Test Mail, the text link changes to indicate that the mail was sent, but no mail is received.  I disabled SSL to see if email would be sent, no effect.  I tried Disabling Mail altogether, saving, then re-enabling mail, no effect.

The  acknowledgement text link looks like: "Test mail sent"

Is there something else I can try to get the SMTP mailing feature to work?

Here is a link to my PHPinfo.php file:

When I have PHP Mail Enabled and push the Test Mail button email is sent and received and the acknowledgement text link looks different: "Test mail sent to - mjl[at]"

Test mail sent to - mjl[at]

City of Saginaw, State of Michigan
Posted:  14 Jan 2016 18:54   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Mark,

From a distance it's very difficult to say what goes wrong.
Sending SMTP mails has little to do with your PHP info. When using SMTP mail, you are using an external mail server. Rather than having the mails sent by your own server (via PHP mail), the calendar (via PHP) - using the SMTP protocol - asks the external mail server to send the email(s).

If something goes wrong in that process, then the external SMTP server will report back (with reply codes) what goes wrong. To help you finding out what goes wrong, you will find in the LuxCal download, in the toolbox, in the smtpmail folder a script called smtptest.php and a list with reply codes. This script should be uploaded to calendar root folder, and after filling in all parameters on the calendar's Settings page (as you have done), you can start the smtptest.php script via your browser.

I didn't say it's easy wink

Posted:  29 Jan 2016 20:58
Thanks Roel,

I worked with my PostFix setup and my webhost's DNS system for 2 weeks and finally got command line mail and PHP mail function to work with SMTP SSL. LuxCal now sends test mail with the mail function and SMTP.

My question is in regard to SMTP SSL checkbox:  When I enable SSL I receive no email. When I disable SSL I receive email.
NOTE  I have another PHP based server on the same machine called WeBid auction server.  When I send with SSL=None, SSL=TLS, SSL=SSL mail is sent with each of the 3 settings.

Does the fact that LuxCal is not sending an email with SSL enabled mean that SMTP SSL is not enabled with my PostFix ? Is there another reason for this behavior?

Posted:  30 Jan 2016 11:10   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Mark,

I don't know. LuxCal is not sending the emails; LuxCal starts a communication with the SMTP server and requests the SMTP server to send the emails.
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is an encryption protocol for the communication between computers (re. the LuxCal server and the SMTP server). So I assume that if no mail is sent with SSL enabled, the SMTP server hasn't been set up to use SSL.
Or maybe, when SSL is enabling, you didn't change the port number. SMTP uses port 25, but SSL encrypted SMTP uses port 465.
Posted:  03 Feb 2016 17:22

I was wondering where port 465 factored into SMTP SSL.  Noob mistake.

I changed the port to 465 and enabled SSL. LuxCal was able to send the mail SMTP SSL successfully:

Email Header Excerpt:
Received: from ssl:// ([]) by
(mreueus003) with ESMTPSA (Nemesis) id 0Lm5Tj-1ZsCEs2761-00ZcPf for
<>; Wed, 03 Feb 2016 16:07:23 +0100

"ESMTPSA" indicates the use of ESMTP when both STARTTLS and SMTP AUTH are successfully negotiated (the combination of ESMTPS and ESMTPA).

I have another PHP server called WeBid. WeBid didn't throw an error like LuxCal when being set to send port 25 SSL.
If LuxCal hadn't been coded with this fine grained control I would not have discovered my oversight.

Thanks again Roel !