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Posted:  13 Jan 2016 17:53
I moved from Shared Hosting to a Virtual Server and now have root access to MySQL server. I am setting up the user through which LuxCal will login to the MySQL database.  I see there are many combinations of privileges that I can assign to my LuxCal user.  Which privileges does LuxCal need to work with the database?

I attached a pdf link to a screenshot of the phpmyadmin Privilege page to see all the options.

I am running Ubuntu LTS 14.04 AMD64, MySQL 5.5 phpmyadmin 4.5 LuxCal version before 4.3.0

Thanks in advance
Mark City of Saginaw, State of Michigan
Posted:  13 Jan 2016 18:30
Hi Mark,

From the top of my head:


CREATE, DROP (not needed for the normal use of the calendar, but needed when installing / upgrading)

I think none.

Resource limits:
Depends on the use of the calendar. Personally I would leave all zeros (no limit)

I suggest to try with the above privileges and if you run into problems, I assume you can still change the privileges.
Posted:  13 Jan 2016 23:19
WeBid Auction software claimed WeBid needed all items offered under Data and Structure groups. So I did the same for LuxCal until I heard back from you.

Thanks again, Mark

PS That new 4.3 version looks tempting. I've got a few mods you helped me with in my 4.2 install. Gotta remember all of the mods and work them into the 4.3 install.  Don't want to loose functionality in a basic upgrade.