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Posted:  11 Jan 2016 17:33
The database that your LuxCal Calendar uses to create and display the events displayed in your calendar can be accessed to display information within the database on any page of your website. The records within the database are not limited to just your calendar.

Below is a link to a webpage on my site, showing an example of how I took advantage of the LuxCal database to create a page that queries the database and displays the results of the query.

This query selects only courses within the database that are LP courses, have a start date that is on or after the current date, have a status of 0 (the status field is set to 0 when an event is created and is reset to -1 when that event has been marked as deleted).Then the results are displayed in order by start date, starting with the most recent.
Posted:  11 Jan 2016 20:20
Looks great Rik!
This is a good example of how the LuxCal calendar (re. database) can be integrated in other websites with just a bit of PHP programming skills.
I really like the cranes101 website. Migrate it to HTML5 and fix some HTML errors and I will "love" it wink
Posted:  12 Jan 2016 16:10   Last Edited By: Roel B.
The fact that this is a forum to post comments about the LuxCal program, It might not really be the place to start an indebt discussion on topics related to Web Development and or Web Programing. There are plenty of Developer forums for that. But seeing as you brought up the subject, I have to ask, are you sure you understand what HTML5 is and how it differs from previous HTML versions and if so, how one would go about MIGRATING from an older version?
Posted:  12 Jan 2016 21:57
Send me your email address Rik, and I will tell you how I would go about migrating to HTML5.