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Posted:  07 Jan 2016 05:09
When doing research, I wanted to create a new button for printing which:
The information is repeated, once we put on top to win the paper when printing.
The information that changes in line by line.

Basically, as in the picture: replace the low table by table top
I ask if you have some idea
Merci d'avance

For more informations
Posted:  07 Jan 2016 22:28
Printing HTML pages is always a cumbersome business.
There are at least two possibilities:
1) produce the page exactly as it should be printed, send it to the browser and print the page via the JavaScript function window.print().
2) keep the original page, put all elements that should not be printed in a special class, as part of the JavaScript Print function hide all elements in that class and print the window (window-print();)

LuxCal uses the second option (see toolbox.php - printNice().