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Posted:  06 Jan 2016 10:00
I run the "lcalcron.php" each night at 01:45 LT. I set the notification time to 1 day. But I saw that, like this morning, I got two notifications, one for today and one for tomorrow. Did I miss something crucial somewhere? And I haven't tested it, but what happens if I set the notification time to 0 days?

Posted:  07 Jan 2016 14:15   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,

The notifications work as follows:
- If you select Send mail "now", an immediate email notification will be sent.
- If you specify a number of days before the event, for instance 5, then 5 days before the event an email will be sent and on the event day itself, an email will be sent.
- If you specify 0 days, no email will be sent. This behavior however has changed in the next LuxCal version, in the next LuxCal version (V4.3.1), if 0 days are specified, an email will be sent on the event date.
Posted:  07 Jan 2016 16:14   Last Edited By: Roel B.
And when do we have the 4.3.1 version? :-) Or is it a simple patch?

Posted:  07 Jan 2016 18:41
Hi Richard,

It's indeed a simple patch. If you want it, I would prefer to send you a version 4.3.0a (which includes some more fixes and improvements), just to be sure you will have a consistent set of files. So, send me your email address if you're interested.
Posted:  10 Jan 2016 14:49

I've just upgraded from Luxcal 2.5.3 to 4.3.0.

I found the user guide explaining that you could put a zero in the reminder box but if you try it the form validation deletes it and sets it to -1.

If you use phpmyadmin to set it to 0 it correctly sends out a reminder on the day.

Either the user guide or the form validation appears to be wrong or have I got the wrong version.


PS  Luxcal has worked well on my website for several years - I only upgraded to get the export ics cron job.  Thanks very much for all your work.
Posted:  12 Jan 2016 22:04
Hi Russell,
I searched all files, but could not find a user guide explaining that you could put a zero in the reminder box.
Where did you read this?
Posted:  18 Jan 2016 19:14

I have Luxcal v4.3.0m

In the English user guide in Section 6 under "send mail fields" it says:

" If the number of days is set to '0' an email reminder will be sent on the event day only."

Posted:  18 Jan 2016 21:54   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Ok, found. Thanks.
In the next LuxCal version the email reminder function will work as described in Section 6.

Posted:  26 Jan 2016 13:24
OK Thank You.