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Posted:  06 Jan 2016 02:15
Hello and thanks for creating this great calendar. I have it incorporated into our amateur radio website  [url=][/url] . I just had a couple of comments. I had originally used the mini calendar but when someone clicks on the month to go to the main calendar, a new window is opened when I would rather it opened in the same window. This would be to prevent open pages when users inevitably click the back button.

So I thought I would try the sidebar and it works great also. I would however like to ask if it is possible to make the following changes. If you go to our webpage, can the "Upcoming Events" header text be larger or in a different colour? As well, the list would be better if the event ie:" Breakfast Call" , was at the top of the list, then the date and then the time. To make it easy to spot with the applicable info below it. Same for the other events.

Thanks again for all your work

Posted:  07 Jan 2016 23:03   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Tom,

Normally the "Upcoming Events" header text is larger.
I had a look at the gbarc website and saw that you have nicely integrated the sidebar, however, I think you have forgotten to add the following two lines to the <head> of your parent web page:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="lc/css/css_sbar.php">
<script type="text/javascript" src="lc/common/toolbox.js"></script>

Once you've done this, you can style the sidebar in the header of the file css/css_sbar.php.
The JavaScript file takes care that you will see event details popping up when hovering the events in the sidebar (which is currently not working).

To change the order of the elements for each event, a minor program change is required.
I suggest the following:
First add the two lines mentioned above and tailor the style exactly as you want it to be and then let me know exactly in what order you want the elements of each event displayed (if you prefer, you can email me via the Contact Us page). Thereafter I will see what I can do.
(Note: Don't forget that often there will be a date with several times/events following. So in the order suggested above, you would get something like:

Title event x
8:30 - 10:30
Title event y
11:30 - 12:30
Title event z
All day
Saturday 9 January 2016

which is not necessarily what you had in mind)
Posted:  08 Jan 2016 22:08
Hello Roel, thanks for the reply. I added the two lines and the style has appeared and I changed the width and height successfully. The display looks ok and perhaps modifying it will only produce a minor improvement.

I did notice that the hover box is behind the sidebar so that the user cannot see it all. I experimented with my setup and had some success when I deleted the header and footer.

Perhaps it is worthwhile explaining that I am using wyswig web builder 10 to do all of this. I can add html to the page and also can add an html box to the webpage itself so I can position the sidebar anywhere I like.

So that I would not change the index page too much while experimenting with this, I created another page so you can see what I am doing. It is at [url=][/url].

At the bottom of this page are 2 screenshots, one show the html properties page and the options available. I have tried all of them to no avail.

So even if all we could do is the disable the hoverbox, I would be ok with it, users can go to the full calendar for details. I'll have a look around the forum incase someone else had the same issue.



Posted:  09 Jan 2016 17:14   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Tom,

I had a look at your test site and saw that the hover box is behind the sidebar because the z-index of the sidebar.
You can easily solve this problem by editing the css/css_sbar.php file and on (or around) line 95, for #htmlPop change the z-index to 100; so the style should look as follows:


#htmlPop {position:absolute; width:200px; font:".FONT4."; padding:4px; margin:0; ".($boxRd ? 'border-radius:5px; ' : '').($boxSw ? 'box-shadow:5px 5px 5px #888; ' : '')."visibility:hidden; z-index:100;}
Now the hover box will be in the foreground.
If you prefer to disable the hover box altogether, you should go to the admin's Settings page of the calendar and under Stand-Alone Sidebar (at the bottom) make the field "Event fields - sidebar hover box" blank.

Note: please be aware that in the header part of the file css/css_sbar.php you can tailor the colors and fonts of the side bar. You could for instance change the border color and header background color to the "gbarc"-green and remove the rounded corners to better fit the "gbarc"-style.
Posted:  09 Jan 2016 18:35
Fantastic, all your suggestions worked great...  I have the main page updated and it looks great. Good responses from the club members also. Many thanks