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Posted:  30 Dec 2015 18:10

I have only just started using Luxcal - I installed version 4.22m

I notice there is now a version 4.3 - what is the best way to update to the latest version ?  I think there are additional fields in the database etc so dont want to loose the information already added to my current installation..

Posted:  30 Dec 2015 22:01   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Ian,

LuxCal version 4.3 will automatically upgrade your database without loss of information.
Nevertheless, before upgrading, you should always make a backup copy of your database via the admin's database page or an other tool (e.g. phpMyAdmin).
If something goes wrong, which normally will not happen, you can always send me your database backup file, and I will upgrade it for you.
The normal upgrade procedure is as follows:
1. delete all files and sub-folders from your calendar installation folder, except the lcconfig.php file AND OF COURSE YOU DATABASE BACKUP FILE.
2. upload all LuxCal 4.3.0 files and folders
3. start the calendar via your browser.

Posted:  30 Dec 2015 22:44
Thanks very much for the information - i'll give it a go this week


Posted:  02 Jan 2016 10:43   Last Edited By: ianm

I have upgragded to version 4.3. All working well thank you
Posted:  02 Jan 2016 13:04   Last Edited By: Roel B.
That's a good start of the new year Ianwink
Thanks for letting us know.
Posted:  08 Feb 2016 15:38
after updating to 4.3 get following error on "upcoming list"

Warning: strpos() [function.strpos]: Empty needle in /home/kivisto/public_html/kalenteri/cal/common/toolbox.php on line 127
Posted:  09 Feb 2016 09:08
looks like problem is involved compatibility of database, where to found DB configuration to check?