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Posted:  20 Dec 2015 06:54
HI to All ,
When i open new windows to add new event , i want to add the with for the windows
if you have any idea
Posted:  20 Dec 2015 20:53   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Eamon,

Normally to open a new event window, for example via the "Add new event" button, you will find in the button declaration something like 'onclick="newE();"'. The JavaScript function newE() opens a new window. You can find this newE() function in the file common/toolbox.js (line 54) if you want to change the width of the window to be opened, you should play around with the evtWinW parameter, which is defined on line 11 of the same file.
Hope this helps,
Posted:  30 Dec 2015 01:41
Thanks Roel