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Posted:  16 Dec 2015 14:59
It is easy to shift view-level in the calendar, when it comes to shifting from year to month to week to day.
But when You have "drilled down" You have to do several clicks to go up a level.

You can make the calendar shift "back" to the month view, by using the "parent link".

But maybe You want the parent link to be used to the following :
When receiving a mail from the calendar, there is a link to the calendar ( this link is to the calendar as "standalone" )
You have set the parent link to be the embedded calendar on Your website, so when clicking "back" the user is directed to the "original" webpage on Your site.

Suggestion :

Either the possibility to click between the    "black triangle pointing left"  (  the date(s) to be clicked )  and the " black triangle pointing right"
Or an "UP" button just above the triangle+date(s)+triangle.
When clicking, You goes a level up. I.e. if You are in the day-view clicking brings You in the week-view and so on ( until Year view )

As I thought that when it is so easy to "go down" I thought it might be as easy to go up but my clicking around gave no result.
I have told Richard (rlucassen) about the "parent link", but even though it functions perfect, I don't think it is the right way to use the parent link.

If another solution already exists, I haven't found it.
Posted:  16 Dec 2015 18:40
Hi John,

That's an interesting suggestion, in particular because it's easy to implement wink
I also like the suggestion to click on the date between the two black arrows. Then there's no need for an extra button.

I will include this in a next LuxCal version.