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Posted:  07 Dec 2015 14:49
Mauritius-Gymnasium Büren
Posted:  07 Dec 2015 15:58
Hello Roel Buining,
thank you for your great code.
I made some modifications, now your calendar is perfect for school use.

Best regards
Johannes Friebe
Posted:  07 Dec 2015 18:08
And here are the changes i made

•    Time grid now displays numbers of school lessons in the morning hours, in the afternoon it shows hours / minutes. Hover boxes and upcoming view do the same.

•    If there are overlapping events, luxcal divides a day in two or more columns. Until now all event boxes of that day are displayed in less width. Now event boxes with no other overlapping events are displayed in full day width.

•    Text search now processes two or more text-strings (words), separated by space, and finds matches in all fields (button “Text-Suche”). Events that contain all search strings will be shown.

•    Upcoming view: there is a new input field, where user may determine the number of days to show (or to print). So he will, for instance, look at 365 days, but print only 14 days (button “Tage zum Druck”).

•    Upcoming view: User may download event list as Excel- / csv-table (button “Download als Tabelle”)

•    Try to visit calendar site with android or apple tablets / phones. It will look better now.
Posted:  07 Dec 2015 18:58
Hallo Johannes,

Das sieht sehr gut aus! Mein Kompliment.
To be honest, I'm a bit jealous. In particular the week view looks really nice. It has been on my wish list for a long time to improve the display of events in week view (the 2nd point in your post above).
If you don't mind, I would be interested to get a copy of your changed code for the week and day views; that would save me quite a bit of time smile

Posted:  07 Dec 2015 22:12
Hello Roel,

thank you very much for the nice compliment. Yes, I'd like to send you a copy of the modified code. But I need some days for making my changes more readable and for writing some extra comments.

see you soon
Posted:  07 Dec 2015 23:18
That's great Johannes!