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LuxCal Forum / General / Problems / Userselection does not show up in options
Posted:  05 Dec 2015 12:32
I have a problem with filtering of users in the options menu.

In the settings I have set ( checked ) the users in the "navigation bar" section.
When logged in I have the userselection, but when not logged in I do not have that option.
I have checked if there is a setting on the user or usergroup, that doses this difference, but I can't find some.
Alle the other filter options ( category, view and language ) shows up when checked.
I cannot find a parameter to do this setting either.
What to do ?
Posted:  06 Dec 2015 14:07   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Correct, since LuxCal 3.2.0 public users (not logged in) will not see the user-filter option in the Options Panel.
On special request of some users, who said that pubic users should not be able to see the list of registered users because of privacy reasons we've blocked the user filter for public users.
As we believed that all calendar users would agree with this, we didn't make it a setting, but hard-coded it.
Posted:  06 Dec 2015 18:05
Now that the system are growing better and better, and we now have a usergroup, it would be very suitable if an option was put in here, so that the admin could decide if a username should be selectable.
You could have two groups of users - the one group could be attached to a usergroup, where userselection was checked, and the other group to a usergroup where userselection was unchecked.
In this way You could also prevent ex. the admin to be shown as a selection, and it would not "harm" existing users, as they can make a setup that fits their need - I think.
Posted:  09 Dec 2015 00:14
This thread has resulted in the following solution:
The User-filter functionality in the Options Panel remains unchanged, so public (not logged in) users will not see this option and consequently the registered users will not be visible to them.
However, a user group filter will be added, which - if enabled by the admin - will be available for all users, including the public user.